Sterling Strategic-Living
Sterling Community Management


Integrated approach using state of the art administrative tools . Sterling uses software modules that provide interfacing and comprehensive data on vital components. These tools improve administrative and management efficiency, save staff time and provide a mechanism for tracking activities and events.

  • Accounting/bookkeeping to administer and manage the financial records of the Association and includes core information for each member of the Association including name and contact information

  • Collections for providing notification and timely follow up related to collections and delinquencies

  • Work orders to address both general administrative and maintenance needs of each individual, their property and the Association common areas at large

  • Design/architectural to document, process building and landscape applications by individual members and general administration of both applications and compliance

  • Compliance for administration and coordination of rules and code violations within the community

Each module provides reports available to Board members as monthly reports of activities within their community. Information is available by property (unit or lot), summary of specific/generic areas and overall information. These management tools can be very helpful for both the Board of Directors and the Managing Agent in being aware of on going activities of the Association and its administration.