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Policy resolutions are a key component we recommend to our clients in helping to define community policies and operations while providing a higher level of efficiency in administering the business affairs of a community association. Development of resolutions includes the opportunity for the involvement and input of all community members, with the Board of Directors finalizing and approving the final product. Resolutions can include a broad range of subjects with some of the most common areas including:

  • Maintenance fee collection policy
  • Areas of maintenance responsibility - Association vs. individual owners
  • General community rules and guidelines
  • Recreation facilities and swimming pool operations and guidelines
  • Parking and traffic rules and compliance procedures; towing policy
  • Association insurance coverage on behalf of the individual owners, deductibles, scope of coverage and claims administration
  • Move in and out arrangements and procedures, especially for multilevel buildings
  • Landscaping guidelines and polices where the Association provides services, plus those areas where individual owner activities impact Association services
  • Design/Architectural review application , approval and compliance
  • Procedures relating to gaining compliance (enforcement) including notification procedures, sanctions and fine schedules, appeal procedures
  • Defining community planning for meeting the financial needs of the Association, especially relating to the operating budget and long range capital reserve plans
  • Establishing community standards for maintenance of building, landscaping and facilities