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Maintenance Services

Maintenance services to many communities, especially condominiums and townhouses, have more favorable and cost effective results when experienced maintenance personnel familiar with the community are routinely assigned to provide those services. Sterling has a group of maintenance personnel that provides handyman services at an hourly rate that is not included within the routine management fee. Most maintenance requests are completed within one to two weeks depending on the nature of the activity and collective scheduling of multiple maintenance activities for cost efficiency. Emergency needs can be resolved immediately while many other activities can be grouped for the same visit. We have 24-hour emergency maintenance services available for our clients, all days of the year. When feasible, work is scheduled for normal business hours to avoid overtime labor rates. Swimming pool and recreation facility services are part of our normal maintenance services. Our hourly rates are considerably less than those charged by pool companies. Maintaining a swimming pool requires more than is provided by a pool service company, such as cleaning of restrooms, pool deck and furniture, etc. We utilize trained and qualified pool service personnel and in many situations the same individual is capable of taking care of other miscellaneous maintenance needs in the community, saving time and providing efficiency of services.

Handyman maintenance, janitorial and swimming pool services are routinely provided by our maintenance personnel. We have weekly meetings with maintenance, management and administrative support personnel to discuss and clarify client maintenance needs, assign responsibilities and obtain updates on various projects. This collaborative effort allows for sharing of information, guidance on tasks to be performed and allows for greatly improved efficiency and administration of maintenance related activities. This efficiency and planning is part of the built in management plan for our communities when determining the proposed level of management services and the time needed to provide those services. Variations to our routine and recommended approach typically require more time of a manager, which translates into additional costs to the client.